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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

i know you guys are finalizing mention of products. sorry, i honestly didn't intend to bring that back up as a topic, and i understand that you guys are getting really tired of repeating the same thing. all i was trying to say is that i found the problem itself intriguing and will be interested in seeing the solution. more along the lines of the theory behind the solution and how to best be diplomatic in exiling the offending vendor whilst not harming others who sell his products. i know it's a current and pressing problem for the community, but i'm most interested in seeing the end result and process through which it was achieved. that's all

as far as the shopping cart thing goes, i fully understand the rules: no means no. what i was saying, is there are only so many places to order hookah products from. almost every post in that section includes what you purchased and from where it was purchased. won't the omission of a vendor's name from the thread immediately let people know you purchased from a banned vendor, and as i don't even know of the others, probably HJ. to that end, what if someone asks you where you purchased that from? isn't saying "i can't say here" almost like referring to illegal substances as "other things..." it's not directly saying it, but...