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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

i haven't been on in awhile... but i knew i needed to double check the circumstances of this after i got hj's email. all i can say is this is very disheartening. in reality many people are going to be affected by this. this forum will be hurt by a large amount of members flocking to john's forum, john not having a good reputation after this incident, and the consumers of hookahs and hookah products all very confused and frustrated

i have enjoyed every transaction ive had from hj personally, and im not sure whether i will cancel my own business with him. i understand your relationship now though sambooka, that is very unfortunate and i can understand that you would rather rid john's business from your site all together after this headache. sadly though his products are all widely used by this forum, eliminating all traces of his presence won't come quickly or possibly at all. personally, until i find a problem myself i cannot guarantee a direct change in my own purchasing. (believe me im not a fan boy, im just a little frustrated that this issue has resulted like this >_<)

my only other issue is i feel that going against the grain and completely eliminating all his products from being reviewed is hurtful to the community as well. i thought possibly referring to his products under another name will eliminate promotion for his product but also allow users that are truly interested in a specific product that they have all the information before purchasing it. there are already a large amount of members using trademarked CHC's or specialized narbish hoses.

im only looking for the most peaceful resolution. don't hurt the users, hp. we could be the bigger people here and just keep our own opinions and leave john's promotion for his own headaches.