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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by JiX' View Post
my only other issue is i feel that going against the grain and completely eliminating all his products from being reviewed is hurtful to the community as well. i thought possibly referring to his products under another name will eliminate promotion for his product but also allow users that are truly interested in a specific product that they have all the information before purchasing it. there are already a large amount of members using trademarked CHC's or specialized narbish hoses.

im only looking for the most peaceful resolution. don't hurt the users, hp. we could be the bigger people here and just keep our own opinions and leave john's promotion for his own headaches.
I honestly think the reason they are having a hard time is the fact that he is now banned and his coals have his name. If you use a narbish or an alien bowl then that is not a problem to say. But when using his coals most people call them CH Nats. That is promoting him from this community. Take that with a grain of salt because I don't know what the mods are discussing, but that is my assumption.
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