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Default Re: acrylic and glass?

Originally Posted by SonOfGram View Post
Just the obvious differences, acrylic is not as prone to breaking as glass (even though it might crack under certain circumstances), glass is heavier and looks better, afaik neither effect the smoke (well at least glass doesn't), so it comes down to looks and practicality.
^ listen to the man. He's right.

A couple other points to remember. Acrylic is better for hookahs that will be transported around alot. It's lighter, harder to break, can be dropped (more than glass can), and the occasional party foul won't faze it. Glass on the other hand is a classic staple. It's heavy, won't tip over as easy, usually prettier, and is easier to find.

Mostly what affects your smoke when talking about the base is how much space is left for the smoke after there's water in it. If you put your stem in the base, and fill the waterline up to an inch over the bottom of the stem, how much space is left? The more, the better usually. Makes it harder to get water up your stem, and allows you to have a smoke reservoir aka less harsh, cooler, etc.
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