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Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
Like we have said many many times and its also in the OP we are not saying you cant buy from HJ!! You have every right to buy where and from who you want!
I totally understand that BP. However, it's very hard constricting opinions. What if John comes up with one of the greatest products introduced to the Hookah industry? I'd rather not buy something and enjoy it for myself; I'd like to be heard and voice my opinion to make someone else's hookah session much more enjoyable. It would have a huge impact especially for the traffic of this forum. If he comes up with a bad product, than so be it. I have just read this here:

in reality many people are going to be affected by this. this forum will be hurt by a large amount of members flocking to john's forum
And I'd like to say that this is so true. Not only that, but it will hurt HookahPro SEO. In my honest opinion (and have my word, this is just an opinion), I thought I can come to HP and relax, without all that drama, and get the best out of Hookah. Don't get me wrong, it's a great place with awesome members and community throughout the time I've been here, and I'll continually be here, you won't have to worry about that. Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, people are not all the same.

Please don't take this personal, as it is just an opinion.

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