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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by MikeWaltz View Post
I totally understand that BP. However, it's very hard constricting opinions. What if John comes up with one of the greatest products introduced to the Hookah industry? I'd rather not buy something and enjoy it for myself; I'd like to be heard and voice my opinion to make someone else's hookah session much more enjoyable. It would have a huge impact especially for the traffic of this forum. If he comes up with a bad product, than so be it.<SNIP>
Mike, I agree with you. This is exactly why the Mods are working on guidelines for how do deal with products "unique" to HJ.

The reality is, we get a lot of people who ask; "Which is better Narbish or Razan?", or "Hey, why can't I get my Alien Phunnel to smoke right?", or even "Do you like CH or BRAND X better?".

Then there are the people who want to do a video and say "Check out how awesome my Alien Phunnel is! It saves me tons of shisha and smokes great!" or "Wow these CH Instants smell when you light them!" (They do, I have them, and even HJ says don't light them indoors!), or "I have both the Narbish and Nammor and they seem to work about the same."

We still want to be able to serve and answer those questions and provide that information because, despite all the daytime TV/Jerry Springer drama of this thread, this forum is about servicing the Hookah population.

The hard part, which I am sure is why the decision is so hard, is that the Mods don't want to cut off their noses to spite their faces. (Thanks for the phrase Mom!) They recognize that banning the mention of anything uniquely HJ will

A) Hurt people new to the hookah scene since it eliminates the ability to discuss a rather prominant portion of entries in several different categories of Hookah products.

B) Hurt the Prosumer who will get upset they don't get to express their Love/Hate of particular products. (Imagine having an Alien, loving it, using it all the time and then trying to do shisha reviews without mentioning what bowl you are using!)

C) Hurt the vendors who are sponsors of the website. (If I was a vendor and you banned the mention of one of my big sellers on a website, why exactly would I continue to support it?)

We just need to give SamB and the Mod staff a little more time to tack down the guidelines and hopefully things should go back to some semblance of normality. (Not that anyone here is actually normal.) And I too hope one day soon that this issue can be reconciled, but until then, rules are rules.
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