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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

I read every single post in this thread... x.x

What some of you guys aren't realizing is that John got banned for lots of reasons, but the biggest reason he got banned was for breaking the rules... Take away all of the bias reasons and there are still enough violations to get him banned.

If I broke the rules that John broke, I'd get banned. Thats it, plain and simple.

As for the comments about SamB getting free stuff from CocoNara.. I personally don't think he is. But if he is, so what? Just because someone says something is the best, doesn't mean you have to buy it.
Do you run to the store everytime you see a commercial on TV saying that a product is a "Must have" or "The best"? No. So why would you do that here?
There are a couple examples (The e-mail from John about his coals smelling, and Bassem's post) That prove SamB isnt being bought by all the supporting vendors.

Its really not worth all the drama. Its not hard to not talk about something. If you have a Narbish hose, say "I'm using a Narbish" just dont add "Purchased from HJ" if a member decides they want that hose, they can look it up themselves, we are all adults here, we all know how to use Google.

And don't take everything to extremes, just because John is banned doesn't mean you have to go edit or remove anything with his name in it. Just don't post anything with his name in the future. Its really not hard.. Trust me.

I love HookahPro, I am somone who believes strongly in my personal rights, you mess with my rights and I'm gonna tell you off, but I've never thought that HP violates my rights. Rules are rules, SamB made the rules in a way that HE thought would keep HIS website (Paid for by him, out of HIS pocket.) running smoothly. If you don't like the rules, don't stick around. There is no need to try and force your opinions on others.

Just my thoughts on everything. I know its a little late, LOL. Been busy. :]