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Default Re: hoping to modify..

If you make your own diffuser (see the homemade/DIY section), it would help w/ splashing, noise and only alittle enhancement on the smoke taste.

I would highly suggest either a MYA Wide hose, Nammor or Razan hose. They should all fit into the stem and would help the draw considerably.

Also, perhaps consider purchasing a new bowl as well - I like MYA bowls, but I like my Eypgtian bowls better. IMO, the heat managemet seems easier, but it could just be me. Many will point you inthe direction of a Phunnel or Super Chief - as long as you stay w/ Med or Small, both would work well w/ you QT (look funny - such a HUGE bowl on a small hookah, but it does work). Phunnels/Super Chiefs have a different design that holds the tobacco in it's juices, making the smoke more flavorful and last longer.
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