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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by flippy View Post
I just want to go ahead and ask how many times have you ordered from him? and if anything you know that if he does mess up your order you deal directly with him when you call?

If anything you guys need to do what my paintball forum did for this SAME situation. A company on my paintball forum violated rules and did some bashing. Instead of banning them, they made it so that every time you typed in Virtue paintball, it would come up as ****** and then it was a link that went to a thread with an explanation. That works out much better than warning people not to mention you know who.
ya i remember that being common on paintball forums and honestly some of the time it got annoying, and why does virtue paintball sound familiar, i remember some sketchy stuff

i do agree if it is doable for this forum set up to do what you said it would be easier and simpler in the long run

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
Johns' business title is ''Hookah John''. Are you suggesting we filter the word ''hookah'' from the >Hookah< Pro forum? And for the record, not banning is off the table. John is banned from HP. it's done!!
ya some filters can do phrases and also many refer to him as "**********"