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Default Re: advice for Nakhla

Originally Posted by uglybiker View Post
I haven't had any problems overpacking Sweet Melon in my phunnels. I just pack the heck out of it and throw the coals to it.
My experience was different, I've tried overpacking sm at least 3 times and all those times it was exactly the same as the normal pack, same flavor, same clouds, just wasted a little more tobacco. And have only experienced this with sweet melon, other nak flavors (for the most part and excluding mizo) have worked with better results when overpacking.

Originally Posted by 123alyas View Post
some nakhla takes time to heat up nakhla is really not for clouds more taste start of with three coals and when its heated up take one off maybe a wind cover might help also
I'd disagree, overpacked or not I am almost always pulling great clouds off nakhla, comparable to af. Check out patelbadboy's vid review of nak fak. mixed fruits, you'll see what I mean.

Originally Posted by Dennisna View Post
nakhla sucks if you ask me, the 2 apple dosent even taste 2 apple, neither does the strawberry
What 2 apples taste like 2 apples? Basing your decision on 2 flavors, one subpar and one that doesn't appeal to everyone doesn't really say much about the entire brand.

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