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Originally Posted by gjr210 View Post
Ok i was want to add some calculations to this for you if its 150 a month for 1 year that is $1800 for one year, then if you break that down that would mean that he would need to get 72 donations to cover one year, sounds like a lot. Then for 2 years it would be $3600 for 2 years thats a lot of money for someone who doesnt own a business and can easily make profits. that a total of that means in 2 years he needs 144 members to donate in order to cover the fees and this might not include other bills and fees that might come along. Let me remind you he needs to receive those donations EVERY year to cover the costs. This is all with Johns prices so imagine what Sambookas is like with such a big community...
I couldnt understand what you wrote because I think you misread my statement.

JOHN paid Sam approx $150 a month for 2 years. I have no idea what the server costs. But Im saying John probably covers it alone. And think of all the vendors on this site.