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Default Re: Thoughts on Social Smoke Tobacco

The chemical twang is fairly annoying and amplifies the artificial aspects of the brand.

I wish I had kept the tins so I could check the nicotine content but I recalling hearing that SS is .5% nicotine and the fact is that tobacco no crop in the world is naturally that level so it's pretty clear that the stuff is heavily processed although it may be (and supposedly is) by means other then washing. As a practical matter I don't it matters if it's washed or not since candy like, highly processed moasseles are basically all cut from the same cloth. While SS is better then SB in that it's got less glycerin and is a more realistic lots of other brands can say the same at half the cost.

To me the crux of the matter is SS trotting well traveled ground in a predictable way giving us another overpriced, highly processed product that can't compare with the better products offered by Salloum, Afzal, AW or AF.

Obviously most smokers like the candy stuff without any trace of tobacco taste or texture and if that is your thing and you can afford to pay SB prices you'll find that SS is a better product then Fantasia/SB.

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