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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by sebal View Post
i think it's time to lock this thread, just me saying
i think the total opposite, i think that most members have been happy with how the forum has been until this event but the event has not made them happy but i think the biggest issue that rose from the side is that it has been said over and over that samb is paying for this site and making it seem like he is dumping money into it without getting anything in return. I have no issues with samb or any of the mods/deputy mods/ and pretty much all the members bar 1 or 2 so its nothing against them directly. We dont know how much the cots are and how much every vendor gets charged to advertise (we have the one 2nd hand account from jride though) but i think many of us are pretty sure samb is getting return on the forum, and you know what he should for all the work he has put in BUT if he is getting a return the whole "he pays our of pocket, poor sam" goes out the window. that i think is the side issue here that HP is claimed to be a free service provided by one person when it is organized by one man but it is a business even if there is a low return.