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Default Pissed! Artist Base is Cracked!

Well I've had my new KM Artist Americana for a week or two now. Looked fine, no major chips or dents, smoked out of it and worked like a charm.

I am 99% sure there was no crack in the base when it got shipped and now filling up my base to smoke a bowl of Code 69 i see dips coming from the bottom of the base. I look it over and find that there is a very big crack, about 10+ inches total along the side and then goes down to the bottom rim of it!

Sorry for the anger post but had to let it out

Has anyone else had a prob with cracking bases. I mean could it have been a weak base or something, not thick enough. I bought this KM cause i thought they were a good product. My guess is that i just had some bad luck.
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