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I call it hypocritical BS
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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

jride your tactic of trying to instigate trouble while looking like you are innocently asking a question is not going unnoticed. This thread is being taken off topic by you in order to throw doubt and suspicion towards Sambooka and the Moderators. It is getting tiresome and it is causing a general uproar which i am sure you and your friends are getting quite a laugh at.

As to the rest of our wonderful community, Please do not let these tactics deter you from enjoying Hookah Pro. We are not here to argue, debate or justify further the decision that has already been made and put into place. This forum is about our community, not vendors. It is about sharing experiences, tips, stories and friendship about Hookah and its culture.
Please lets refrain from entertaining the few that are simply here to cause trouble.
Hi, my name's John. You are in violation of the balance. Leave immediately or I will deport you.