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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
I'm going to say then, ignore that part, and read the list of violations again, and think, as an admin, how would you handle this, considering you have several other vendors who did not have issues following the rules.
i am not saying john didnt break rules to the point of banning, i am saying that the whole finical back and forth about john doing things to promote his business and then basically ignoring and denying that this forum has to be ran as a business and as such has to make a profit, no matter how small, to survive.

i am not jumping on the wagon with jride, honestly i do think he is going a little far with HOW he is saying his thoughts but i dont think his questions are out of place.

edit- to be clear the point i think is being contested is that some members are getting annoyed that it seems there is less than truth to what (if any) amount sam is getting out of the forum, i dont think anyone is asking directly to see dollars and cents but just a "yes i do end up getting some back from all the ads" and i dont think anyone would argue that he doesnt deserve it they (and some what my self included) just feel we are getting a bit fed

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