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Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
Sambookas finances arent the question here, read the original post
the violations included things that were john promoting his business for gain where he shouldnt, when people said much about know john was a vendor and that of course he was biased and that every one is and then the example of how samb seems biased came up we got a lot of "he pays everything out of pocket and covers everything for you so he has the right to be", when people pointed out that the ads bring in a huge amount of money along with the elite payments and point out that more should be going in than the costs they get jumped on and say they are totally off topic when they are arguing part of the justification.

at frist i was pretty middle of the road but the farther this evolves HP looks to be sliding some just from the HP side, i havent even looked any where else yet to see how everything is evolving