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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
Maybe, but you guys havent had to deal with this stuff like we have. You have no idea what we have been through lately and then to have to come on here and deal with this childishness over and over again. It gets old. And for what? why cant people just make a decision to stay or go and just carry out that plan, smearing tactics are uncalled for, dont you agree?
smear tactics yes but questioning a statement is not smear. it has been said over and over through out this thread that it is an open forum but when people question things (granted the things questioned are a bit awkward to talk about) it seems like there is an overly aggressive response of " that should not matter" despite the fact that what was being questioned was given as reason/justification. its seeming to come across as "you can talk about what you want, as long as you dont question us at all".

and also it has been stated here that vendors, elites, and MODS are held to a higher standard so some of the responses seem to be a bit less than i expect to be a higher standard