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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
I shall not begin to go back 13 pages to cut and paste the personal attacks and smear tactics. As I said, if you want to know something specific you should PM Sambooka as the relevant questions have been buried in garbage and youtube links that involve serious personal attacks and likening our beloved forum to Nazi Germany. If you missed that post, its because I deleted it, a new member with 0 posts tried to post it here. So I ask you this, why should we take any of this conjecture with anything but a grain of salt and just try and consider the source? this thread could have been a great forum to ask teh serious questions that deserved a serious answer but instead it has been reduced to a large pile of filth. I for one will not go back 13 pages and pull out the relevent questions as I am disgusted by the actions of so called grown adults and do not wish to wade in the crap.
well the fact that the serious questions have already seemed to get blown off when they were asked i think will give plenty of an answer for some of the members.