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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

this is what evereyone is talking about. i asked for clarification on a post and had 2 mods jump down my throat. you wonder why people are leaving the board, its because the people who are supposed to be leaders in this community, are just as vindictive as the forum members who take sides. and you have the gall to reproach me for a simple question? forgive me for assuming, but that post could have easily be construed as member bashing, which if i remember correctly for strike 1 is a 4 day ban. i have had no participation in this thread because i believe actions speak louder than words, so for you to jump me for asking for clarification on a simple post is absolutely uncalled for, and further proves the hypocritical and trashy nature of the leaders here. as i dont frequent here often feel free to do what you wish with my account. maybe time to rethink the leadership in this forum. might be better. and as for the PM you just sent me huskysibe i personally dont give a FUCK what you saw on any other forums about what i posted. feel free to post it here for all to see. including said supreme being of the board. i think if you saw my post count there you would know where i spend my time.