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Originally Posted by Gadfly View Post
Ok after 14 pages now I'll put my 2 cents in.

First off you idiots really have no idea of the weight of this decision. I'm sure they took into account the trolling, instigation, and overall effect it would have on the HP community. But they went along with the decision anyway and stood by what was right and the rules laid down from the beginning, and for the Sam, all mods, and mature members have my utmost respect. With all the evidence laid out John deserved the ban, while he was a loved vendor of the site that doesn't exclude him from rules because people like him. I ordered from John exclusively for the past year, which I'll state flat out here that I won't be ordering from him again. What's that.... you want my reasons little trolls? It's something called integrity and loyalty which I'm sure you haven't really learned yet. Anyone dumb enough to bite the hand that feeds them deserves to go to bed hungry. You talk about it being something between Sam and John but believe it or not you're all involved. The community you "love" was disrespected by a over cocky vendor who thought due to his "pope" like status with the members he could walk all over the rules and wouldn't be punished due to fear of a mass exodus or worse and overall abandonment of the site all together. Sadly for him it backfired. Now this is all hypothetical, I know nothing of John's intentions but I'm merely speculating on how it looks to me. No one is above the law and again I give respect to those who laid it down.

It's funny to me how many people are coming to his aid and defending him to the death, I've seen vendors banned here before without so much as a sideways glance from members. I have a theory on this, basically I liken it to a really good salesman who "takes time" with customers who will talk face to face and establish this "relationship" you all have with him. When what he really was doing was selling you, building his business, getting a good report with the biggest hookah forum out there. There's money to be made and he worked hard to get it. How long before he stopped giving away playing cards, pocket knifes, stickers and all the other random swag he would get from companies? How long before his stock became mediocre at best with no real variety of hookah's? How long before the prices shot up with talk of "one of a kind" "no other store has this." HE ISN'T YOUR FRIEND! He only wanted your money to make his business flourish. I ordered from the guy for a year and was completely aware of the tactic he was using because I used it in my previous job. People spend more money with people they feel comfortable with. But hey it's just a theory.

I'd like to answer to Jride about his "un-refuted" claims. How much is John giving you to stir up the trouble? Nothing you say? I'm supposed to believe you because you say so? See what I did there.... pretty easy to turn the tables. I've seen no one ask you of your motives maybe they'll just ignore you and hope you go away.

To all the other "questions" out there, what needs to be answered? I've read all 14 pages and got all the info I need from the OP. That means 13 pages of people crying about their BFF getting tossed for breaking the rules. You people say the Mods are censoring information and avoiding questions, they could just ignore the thread all together and let you guys bicker and fight over issues that really aren't even related to the OP.

Again Sam....Mods you have my respect and support of your decision, although I did love CH coals I'll have to find something different and put my coil burner to use.

To the trolls and butt-hurt QQ ers. HE BROKE THE RULES! DEAL WITH IT!

Apologies in advance to the mods if I was a little too brash and confrontational. But I get irritated at stupid people. My avatar explains my attitude on the world and most people who live in it. If it crosses a line feel free to delete it or even pm me and I'll edit it.

Keep rolling HP I'm here for life.
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