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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

i haven't posted in a while. i just lurk now more than anything. im in no way a supporter of **********. i personally feel his prices are too high and ive only ordered twice from him. the post contains my personal feelings and what most people will simply call gossip and hearsay.

i saw john getting banned a mile away, it was only expected seeing as how a competitor of his (who, according to johns word's screwed him) became a huge forum supporter.

everyone knows sambooka gets plenty of "rewards" for running a hookah forum. (seriously, no one who has smoked hookah for as long as sambooka would ever choose to smoke hookah-hookah). i dont care if he denies it or what not, its simple fact and part of life. you don't participate or do as he says, youre gone. its his board.

also the mods here are pretty close minded. if you disagree with them, or enjoy tobacco they dont, you better be prepared to accept e-bullying. i know this post will be deleted as soon as they see it unforunately. i feel like the harassment and biased nature of the mods basically forces people out. if thats the community you want to create, youve done a good job.