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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

I am reminded of a situation that transpired a few years back. I was a (somewhat) prominent member of a video sharing site. We had a very tight community that consisted of about 200 or so active contributing members plus another 100 or so "wannabes" and about another 2800 or so non contributing but very active members for a total of about 3000 members. (very rough numbers)

The site went through some changes. The 200 or so acting members began butting heads with the admins. We decided to "show them".

There was so much drama I can't even begin to tell you. Public meetings discussing how the admins should clean up their act and how they should run the site. Videos posted threatening the admins with our departure. Nothing changed.

I was one of the first to leave, followed slowly by the majority of the active members. We figured that in no time the site would be done for. That was 3 years ago. I just checked and I see that the member roster is now up to 10000+ members and the site is still going strong.

The situation here on HP is not much different, at least not when it comes to taking sides. No matter how much you disagree with the situation, it appears that it won't change no matter how much some may scream for change or "demand" answers to whatever questions are on their minds.

If you think that you need to "take a side", than do so and take whatever action you deem necessary. I can promise you it won't have much impact in the long run.

I for one intend to stay here. This is my hookah home. I will likely still use HJ as a vendor and I will abide by the rules when comes to mentioning banned vendors.

End of story in my most humble opinion.
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