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Default Re: Any one hove this hookah?

It looks like a cheap Egyptian, Do you have roughly $60 to spend? You can pick up a pear, or a Butterfly KM, if you purchase everything separate.

I purchased a cheap hookah when I first started, I regret not spending the $30-$40 more to buy the KM, or MZ. Now I'm $200 in, $150 roughly for the hookah pipes the selves.

Here's a better one if you are on a BUDGET.

Honestly, wait a little if you can and get something that will last you.

Price for Quality I recommend

one of these

and a hose & bowl of your choice.

Use the coupon code Hpro20 and it should barely be $60-$65.

If you want to spend a little more.
You can go with any one of these.

Whatever you decide to do, choose what best suites you. Don't settle for something, make the right choice and save your self cash in the long run.
31" MZ Torias w/ Nammor, Social Smoke, Nakhla

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