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Originally Posted by TheGirlfriend View Post
I should have said this a long time ago, have any of you heard of John treating his customers like crap? I have not but, he has. I never said anything because I knew people would just jump down my throat and call slander. When I ordered from him almost a year ago when the Narbish came out I had to deal with being sent faulty hoses when I asked for a replacement he be came distant and cold about the whole ordeal. I had to pay shipping to send them back and get a new set of faulty hoses. All in all paying well over the 'full price' for hoses I had to mod so they wouldn't leak air and smoke... When I was in contact with him about the whole thing he made me feel like I was the one at fault and he was doing me a favor by replacing the hoses. Ghost has to say that he feels as if it were a personal attack on his hoses and that is how HJ treated the whole ordeal.

I never wanted to deal with him again and thought that maybe it was just me from what I had heard about him. Now that I have seen the emails he has sent out and read what he has done I know I am right and I know that he isn't worth my money or time. I stand behind SamBie and the MODS they are in the right and all of the fanbois can be butt hurt and move on.
I actually had a completely different Narb V1 experience when mine broke. i sent him an email and he called me personally to apologize and get my address to send me another free of charge. his customer service has always been great, and i will more than likely continue to buy from him, BUT as far as this forum goes, HE BROKE THE RULES. END OF STORY.