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Default Satisfaction Review

No listing exists in the tobacco section so I put it here. Any mod should feel free to move it.
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Satisfaction Review

Last night I stopped by the club and my friend Atiff offered me a bowl of a mu'essel I never heard of before called Satisfaction (I think it is written as رضاء ) which he had brought back from Lebanon.

Brand and Flavor: Satisfaction. Flavour is unknown as I didnít see the package

Cut: Short, it looked like flake cut pipe tobacco with a reddish brown colour. No stems and very gooey.

Narghile: Lebanese about 70cm tall with Syrian style head and stem made of cedar and stainless steel.

Duration: About 90 minutes

Bowl: Syrian style glazed ceramic with about 20 gr. capacity

Foil: The pre-cut kind with holes punched by one of those plastic punchers

Charcoal: 1 piece of Akhla broken in half replaced 3 times during session

Smoke: Dense, white smoke in small quantities.

Buzz: I have never gotten a buzz from smoking so none for me

Smell: Like Black Current

Taste: At first it tastes exactly like Black Current but as the flavour lingers on the tongue it fades to an aftertaste of light cavendish and honey until the next draw when the original flavour returns. Very pleasant, natural taste with a subtle and complicated after taste. A real change from the more popular styles of shisha. When we finished smoking what was left was a small, hard, black disk shaped bit. A possible downside is that it turned the water in the vase a tan/brown colour.

rating: 8/10 More smoke would be nice but the flavour and look was wonderful. A delightful change from what Iím used to.

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