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Default Re: need help with Nammor hose.

Originally Posted by oSPANNERo View Post
Ok... so there are two ways I have found for fitting a hose into a hose port. One is to put the grommet into the hoseport and then put the hose into it. The other is to put the grommet on the hose and then try to fit the hose into the port.

Like KK says, a little wet towel wrapped around the hose might work, or perhaps a little black electrical tape.

You can also look around at different vendors that carry the Stargate hookah and see if they carry different port grommets.
ive tried both ways and actually neither work. If the grommet is on the hose first, its as if the hose is stretchin the grommet too wide for the hose valve and it doesnt fit. If i put the grommet into the valve first then try and fit the hose, it wont enter the valve at all. i actually use a grommet that came with my girlfriends narbish hose that she bought at a hookah lounge to fit the nammor into the port. its the only way to get the hose in the valve but its a little loose. I was thinking of buying an Egyptian hose port valve and grommet off Hookah-Shisha to put onto my hookah and see if that will hold it better. is that a good idea?
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