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Originally Posted by iMaD View Post
WoW, what a thread I'm not really going to comment on the merits of this since I haven't been here long enough ( banned once already) or take sides because I never really ordered anything from HJ or dealt with so I was just curious and went to check out his website to see what's the big deal about him. Well, HJ website is still using Hookahpro as a reference. I'm not a lawyer or anything like that but it seems to me that if the relation has been severed maybe he should remove it from his wesite (imo). Here is a cut and paste:
[FONT=verdana]Hookah John is the best hookah vendor. ********** gets the best reviews for his customer service. [/FONT]
[FONT=verdana]********** just took over ***********Come and check out all the hookah info you will need.[/FONT]
[FONT=verdana]If you are unsure about choosing me just take some time to read through these independent reviews at [FONT=verdana]Hookapro Vendor Reviews[/FONT], and read under ******* Hookah/Hookah John. All of the best online hookah vendors are listed there and I haven't paid a single person to do a write up on me[/FONT][FONT=verdana].[/FONT]
Saw that the other day. It now links to his own forum, where the guy was so sure he was being dumped by HP, that he saved the reviews and posted them on his own site. The way he talks about them is kinda of gross though. Instead of treating them like people/customers, he talks about them like possessions.

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