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Default Re: Where can I get a three or two hose KM?

Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that, however I would suggest getting just a 1 hose Km. If you plan on smoking with just a few friends a 1 hose Km will meet all your needs. I have a 1 hose Km silk butterfly and absolutely love it to death. The reason I say get a 1 hose pipe is because:[LIST][*]the more hoses you have the quicker the tobacco will burn and the harder it is to make adjustments[*]you don't always need to be smoking it, pass it, share it, be social[*]For a person to get a good draw they NEED to have the other hoses plugged and if they are not paying attention this can be quite the task.[*] certain multiple hose hookahs lack a purge valve[/LIST]

If you are absolutely dead-set on ordering a multiple hose hookah consider getting one with an "auto-seal" so regardless if the other hoses are plugged it will still give a good hit. I believe mya makes a good multiple hose auto-seal pipe, but I could be wrong
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