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Default Re: My new custom built KM

Here is my review

1. I have been living in the dark for the last year, I will NEVER smoke out of my Sahara Smoke rig again. This KM Rig SMOKES EXCELLENT!!!

2. Not a fan of the rattling, loose KM tray, ashes fall through the hole when I clear my coal mess (Anybody have a solution)

3. Premium hoses make things enjoyable

4. The base is extremely solid and sturdy, when filled with water its unlikely to ever get knocked over.

5. KM stems are misleading to a first time buyer, they appear waaaaay smaller than they actually are. I thought this would be a medium size hookah and its much larger than I expected. I really like this size, wouldn't want anything bigger ever.

6. The members of this forum have provided me with the knowledge to enjoy hookah to the fullest and for that I am grateful.

7. I really like Starbuzz Blue Mist and hate the HH tropical that I got for free, that shisha feels, smells, tastes, and smokes like pure shit. If anyone has another suggestion to the Blue Mist I would love to try it.
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