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Default Re: How will we cope with the future tobacco tax?

Originally Posted by Drewzi View Post
I will still continue to smoke shisha and remember its a 775% TAX increase so if the tax was at 5% it would then be at 38.75% sales tax. This does not mean that the shisha price will increase 775%.
Yeah, it won't be THAT much more expensive. If sales really go down, premium tobaccos like SB would just have to go down with their prices which they definitely could afford.

If any tobacco company wants to make a killing, keep the prices where they are right now, even including the tax increase. Imagine if Social Smoke stayed at $20 a tin whereas SB would go up to let's say $30 a tin, that would be a HUGE boost in sales for them. HUGE! Not only would that show the consumer that the manufacturer cares about his customers, it would also send a direct message to the competition, saying that the gameface has just come on!
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