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Default Your first time?

Hey everyone!

So, I'm a total newbie, having only very recently started smoking hookah. My first session is still super fresh in my memory, so it got me thinking. What were your first hookah smoking experiences like? What brand and flavor were you smoking? Where were you when you lost your shisha virginity?

I know some of you guys have been smoking for years and years, so it probably isn't as easy to remember, but it'd be interesting to hear some of your stories. I'll share my own.

I smoked hookah for the first time the weekend before last (3/27/10), on a trip to Orlando to get things done for my cousin's upcoming "shotgun wedding." Saturday night we got invited by a friend of her husband-to-be to a chill little Hookah Lounge/Restaurant called Elegante, along with some of their other friends. We spent literally 2-3 hours outside listening to a couple DJs spin some awesome music, watching the UFC fight, and smoking like 4 different flavors of Fantasia. It was incredibly laid-back, relaxing, and overall just an awesome atmosphere to be in. The first flavor I tried was Fantasia Triple X- not too bad, but I liked Ace of Spades better. There was a belly dancer that showed up too, she had some crazy stamina. Overall it was just an insanely awesome night.

So how was your "first time?"
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