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Default KM Americana Trimetal - Best option?

Hello everyone! =]

I have two mya's and I love them, but I read every day threads talking about how good is a KM, so I have to test one of them haha

I want to buy a really good KM, around 150$

I'm really not being lazy, it's just that it's really expensive and I'm afraid of making a bad business... I guess you can understand!!

I accept any kind of comment, please =)

btw.. i was looking in hookahstore and thought of making one custom for myself, with a heart km stem and a cool glass, but it's even more expensive than the americana on other sites.

Basically, I want a good looking KM and that smokes like a monster, like I've read here so many times haha

Thanks in advance for anyone that try to help me with new ideas or options!

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