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Default Re: How will we cope with the future tobacco tax?

This latest tax increase will effortlessly pass as have every other ban/restriction/tax increase directed at tobacco in recent times. One thing to keep in mind is that these sorts increases aren't meant to raise revenue although that is often given as an excuse. Rather, these increases are so called "sin taxes" which are intended to make you stop consuming a product. It's all about social control and now that the federal government has for all practical purposes committed to nationalizing the health care industry the desire to reduce smoking and regulate what legal substances we put in our bodies will doubtlessly increase. A second point is that the tobacco companies can't hold the prices steady when the taxes increase so dramatically and will happen instead is that consumption will plummet and the industry will shrink to a tiny fraction of what it currently is. That's what happened with RYO increase that went through recently and that market is basically dead. The little trick to market RYO as pipe tobacco is what brought this on and once that loophole is closed i'll be amazed if the moassel market is 5% of it's current size.

As to "herbal" i'll point out that it's in no way herbal and we should stop using silly marketing terms to make us think that a product is something other then what it is. I should also point out that absolutely no evidence exists that indicates that vaporizing a mixture of sugar cane, glycerin and artificial flavourings/preservatives is any safer then vaporizing a mixture of tobacco, glycerin and artificial flavourings/preservatives. In any case, every "herbal" i've tried is mediocre at best and far more likely to be hideous. If I ever have to make a choice between "herbal" and tobacco i'll give up smoking. Thankfully that isn't likely since I don't spend much time in the ultra PC countries that formerly were Western.

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