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Default Re: What kind of hookah is this?

Well this is clearly an Egyptian style Shisha (that's how they call waterpipes over there. hookah is the indian word for it and narghile the Turkish one.).
Definitely not typical Turkish, nor Chinese made. The bottle or base seems Egyptian. The hose as well, althought the mouthpiece could be Chinese made (it is quite usual to find pipes with parts from different origins) The bowl seems to be a modern one, similar to those found on Chinese made pipes but also on modern Egyptian, or even Syrian pipes. I do not know wether they are actually manufactured in Egypt or in China. Decoration of the stem is similar to some chinese made, but the make, and the material underneath this coat of decorative stuff, seems to be a typical mid-price Egyptian pipe. Plate or ashtray seems Egyptian to me (could be Syrian, but I would say Egyptian. Turkish ones use to be much wider and flat...)
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