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Default Re: What kind of hookah is this?

Is nice looking rig. The stem looks very "MYA"esque but the painting is a little too "hand crafted" for MYA's likings. And that 8 pointed gold star is very popular over here in Iraq. Here is one explanation of it:

This could mean it was a Chinese made stem that was then "customized" in the Arabic/Middle Eastern world. I can't prove this but, hey... sounds good to me.

But, to quote Icanhascheezburger: "Hookah Hose Setup... You're doing it wrong"

If you look in picture one, that clear plastic part that is stuffed into the hose port is actually the mouthpiece, and in picture #2 the wooden piece is actually the hose port end.

Here is a link to the same hose:

Oh and, since I am on a quoting spree lately... to bastardize a quote from another famous movie,

"It puts the hookah pictures on the website or it gets the hose again!"
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