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Default Re: Your thoughts on herbal?

Hey, I'll let you know my opinion like... tomorrow. lol

I have about 5-50g packs of Hookah Hookah Evolution coming via UPS today: blueberry, strawberry, fruit punch, orange, and watermelon. I'm probably going to try some tonight. I've heard MUCH better things about the tea-based herbal shisha than the sugar cane stuff like Hydro, which I haven't tried yet either. I might this weekend, I'm going to Horus Cafe in NYC with a big group of friends and they say their shisha is "100% nicotine free"... not tobacco free so IDK, maybe it's herbal maybe it isn't. We'll see.

My boyfriend just started going to Fig Cafe in Fayetteville, NC and they serve Hydro. He likes their blueberry a lot but pretty much hates their strawberry. I think he tried their mint too and said it was good... but then again there's not much to compare it to because that's all he's ever smoked :P
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