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Default Re: Which bowl do I buy?

well, as you can see, phunnel seems to perform better for long sessions, vortex too but it looses for a little bit when you want a long session. Now if you want to smoke a short session, than the vortex is the best one, because you don't need to fill it up with shisha.

But personally, I love my mya's bowls, I always prefer to them instead of my phunnel, which is useful just when there's a lot of people in my house

Once I smoked alone with a full phunnel... I had the worst day after... with a mega-headache and even my lungs did ache, but it was al waha.. maybe that was one of the reason haha
But, it lasted for 2h40, so if you want to smoke with your friends its a nice option, but alone... I don't think so haha
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