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Default Re: Coconara burning throat

Coals: Completely ashed on all sides. You should see no "Black" as if the coal has not been lit.

Bowl: Packed 1/8 of an inch below the rim of the bowl. Ensure from the side view of the bowl that no tobacco is poking up above the rim.

Tobacco: Not a herbal fan, try a standard tobacco like AF or Nakhla.

Foil: Ensure you are using foil that does not say "Non-Stick" coating on the package. Standard Reynolds (or generic equivalent), 2 sheets should be fine.

Heat Management: Based on your bowl size ensure you are not burning the tobacco and only baking it. Rotate your coals, take one off, try a wind cover, etc. until you learn how to maintain the right amount of heat to keep the tobacco from burning.

Are you getting sick? Have strep throat? Or any other medical ailment that would be an under lying cause?

I have switched from Choronic Hookah to CoConaras and have had no issues with them.
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