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Default Re: Whoa. Anyone go to buy a Sahara vase lately?

Originally Posted by hookahman1988 View Post
Most of their products aren't great. The only things I'd consider buying from SSC are their vases, a vortex bowl (can get these almost anywhere though), and maybe HH/HF/AZ. It seems to me that they are exploiting the fact that their vases are some of the nicest (the 2 I have from them are flawless) you can get w/o going high end crystal (even this is hard to find though). They may give an explanation for the price hike but I would be skeptical...

On a side note if anyone on here who has a Sahara Hookah that was bought over the last year and a half (I do remember hearing that ways back they did have nice hookahs but as long as I've been on here nobody comes to my mind that has a Sahara Stem and loves it like people like KM's or even mya's) and gives it a thumbs up.

I have a SS Dragon that I bought about a month ago, before I knew how good KM was. It smokes good, not sure how long it will last, it appears solid. I still like the KM better
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