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Default Re: Whoa. Anyone go to buy a Sahara vase lately?

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
Wonder why, doubt it's greed, it's economics, but what caused the increase
cost on their end?
Supply and demand?
New distributor they are using?
Let's see if we can find out the reason

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
whatever the reason 50 bucks for a vase, any vase really, is crazy. You could get a new hookah.
from what i have seen of their vases they are made in a production shop type setting, i.e. hand blown into a spin mold/turn mold, all the color pattern is hand done as it is made, not painted on like most of the egyptian crap.

honestly if i was to make a hookah vase for someone as a one off it would be close to 200 bucks due to the wage for my self and an assistant, shop rental, color, other overhead then basic markup. most vases are so cheap because it is horrible quality made in sweat shops and as such will not hold up and usually has a lot of issues in it

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