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Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
supposedly, the tobacco goes into humidity shock, tobacco always wants to be the same as the surrounding relative humidity so it must give off or take moisture. now how that relates to horrible smells/tastes and why can i open a fresh thing of tangiers here in va when its packaged in ca and it be fine but the next package will never acclimate i have no idea. i honestly think how ever its made there is just a lot more chance for duds. eric claims the above with RH but also has said that the flavorings used some times are in wrong proportions (since certain chemicals in different amounts give different flavors so airing it out lets some of them evaporate and give the correct flavor)

i dont dislike tangiers but its not my goto smoke, i have gotten more fond of lucid lately cause it has less hassles and seems to be a bit more consistent.

if anyone can give me real scientific info on this (that doesnt require a week to read and/or a MS or PHD to understand) i would love to see it, but i am rather skeptical of the actual scientific backing

I've heard the explanation with my own ears given by Eric himself. I had the great honor of meeting and hanging out with him at his lounge in San Diego, and it turns out you DO have a MS or PHD to fully understand why! lol He is a brilliant individual and it has something to do with the primary ingredient used to make Tangiers. It is not a short explanation and couldn't recite it if my life depended on it. It's basically the reason why Tangiers is technically the ONLY FDA approved hookah tobacco
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