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Originally Posted by jakejacobson View Post
I've heard the explanation with my own ears given by Eric himself. I had the great honor of meeting and hanging out with him at his lounge in San Diego, and it turns out you DO have a MS or PHD to fully understand why! lol He is a brilliant individual and it has something to do with the primary ingredient used to make Tangiers. It is not a short explanation and couldn't recite it if my life depended on it. It's basically the reason why Tangiers is technically the ONLY FDA approved hookah tobacco
my question is then why is tangiers noir the only tobacco product i have ever heard of that needs acclimation? i have not heard of any other shisha (to include all forms of hookah tobacco), ryo, pipe, dokha (might have mixed up letters there), cigars, dip, snuff, snus, chaw etc that need it. even the lucid line doesnt need it, it just seems weird.

(note: want to make sure this isnt taken as jumping on you with the whole lack of tone in text)

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
FDA Approved!?? So there are chemicals in there that require FDA Approval!? WOW .. that is kinda scary .. I wonder what the "secret ingredient" is??

If someone knows .. please post it! So we can look it up ..
i thought that legally all tobacco had to have the list of what was in it after that flavored cig ban, or was that just for the cig ingredients
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