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Default new AF @

This vendor has the three new AF flavors that I've been going on about( Vanilla, cardamom, and caffe latte) as well as one that I didn't know had been released yet, GRENADINE!!! And as if that wasn't cool enough, thier AF is on sale right now for 9.99 per 250g tub. Apparently, the grenadine was only released in the US in a very small quantity thus far.
I looked around and this is the only vendor I've found that has these flavors at this price. Needless to say I placed an order.
The sales guy and I chatted for about 10 minutes and apparently, a bunch of the unreleased flavors that I mentioned in previous posts should be out within a month or two( grapes/mint, kiwi, chocolate, bubblegum, spearmint gum,pipe, soft black, not to mention one that I had no idea they had coming,-white peach!) of course, this is heresay, but good news none the less.
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