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Default Re: Whoa. Anyone go to buy a Sahara vase lately?

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
I understand these vases are well-made, that's why I like them. But there's a difference between mass produced hand made and one-off hand made. One off I can understand them charging whatever price, but for a mass product that started at a lower price....

ps - 42% inflation in one week? they dealing in North Korean money?
one thing with hand blown glass be it one off or production still takes all the same skill and time per piece, with production it is easier in some ways and harder in others, making exactly the same size and shape even with a mold it is extremely hard to do. they might have been pushing off taking up the price and then when they finally needed to do it just took it up a big jump instead of inching it up and up. switching production shops, switching glass, switching the color source, etc are all things that could make it more expensive.

if you ever try glass blowing you would understand very quickly why anything hand blown will cost a lot more than a machine made item

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