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Originally Posted by Hookah Newb View Post
The only thing I can think of is similar to what happens with certain cigars. There's a period when a cigar is "resting" it gives off a musty almost barnyard smell, sometimes even a slight sulfur-like smell. The BBQ odor we smell probably that musty/baryard/sulfur smell mixing with the chemicals/ingrediants used in the process of making Tangiers tobacco.

I think that humidity has very little or even nothing to do with the smell. Letting it acclimate is just letting the smell air out.

If it was cigars and you open up your humi and that your cigars "stink" you know to just close you humi back up and let them sit, but cigar smokers know that cigars mature with age, the flavors sometimes change and the rough edges smoothen out.

Shisha, if I read correctly shouldn't be saved past 2yrs.
also though the cigar tobaccos are changing over that time, releasing ammonia and the other gasses which causes some of the stink.

the shisha is in preservatives so its weird that it would continue to change that much right away.

and yes 2 years on opened processed tobacco (the more home made stuff and small shop stuff from the middle east i am told 6 months), honestly some dont last that long, i had some tangiers that never acclimated well but i opened it up today and there is no real flavor smell to it any more and kinda smelled musky and its just a bit over a year old

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