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Default Re: your dream hookah

Funny thing is, i was just thinking about this when i almost fell asleep a few minutes ago...

what bowl: I have been wanting to try an unglazed bowl.. perhaps an unglazed vortex o.0

what tobacco would be in it: hmm.. SB White Peach is always a safe bet.

what rig: KM God of Luck perhaps?

what base: SSC Odyssey

what hose: Nammor

what add ons: I can't think of any hookah specific, but dim lights, candles or black lights, super comfy couches, and some live music.. Perhaps Incubus could play Aqueous Transmission! and probably just some other random stuff that just makes hookah even more awesome.

who would be in your hookah circle(its hard to not include tons of people): my 2 really good friends, my friend who is the navy, the girls who smoke with us sometimes, a few hookah pro members, and perhaps someone famous... but they can be overrated.
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