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Default Re: WOW the propaganda people say about hookah

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
Let's do some simple math here and add up the totals and convert from milligrams to grams. 1 gram = 1000 milligrams. Water Density is 1.0 gram per milliliter.

Hookah 1 gram vs Cigarette 1 gram

Hookah Total = .94796 grams leaving .05204 grams of what?
Cigarette Total = .02457 grams leaving .97543 grams of what?

So basically the bowl of hookah tobacco is all tar and carbon monoxide and the cigarette is mainly composed of nothing. Fucking STUPID math!

I mean seriously that is horrible math. Density wise I would assume the glycerin/water is denser then just dry cigarette tobacco mixture volume for volume. So the hookah sample would have less tobacco with a portion of it's weight being displaced by the glycerin/flavoring.

Conclusion is that their would be less tobacco in a hookah mixture then in a comparable equally weighted sample of cigarette tobacco. No frigging way they could get those results no matter how hard they tried.
Very nice DrM, QFT, those were some BS findings
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