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Default Re: The Ed Hardy - Sambooka thread spinoff

Originally Posted by hookahslisk View Post
Yup, this is getting globally bad. There is a Ed Hardy store at the City Centre Mall in Manama, Bahrain. In the window they have the kid sized clothes display, make sure you walk past with your shades on. At least they don't carry the shisha.
See it's things like that make me hate globalism, comsumerism, multi-culturalism, modernity, capitalism and the mass media/propasphere. What I want is for people to revel in the ways of their ancestors, have pride in their folkways and the mystica conection between blood & soil. It pisses me off to go to Japan and see kids wearing Madona tees or plutocrats hawking pop/rap/techo crap and energy drinks. Arabic culture (or just about any culture for that matter) has far more to offer then crass materialism and souless persuit of some mindless fad. Until I read about Ed Hardy a few months back I was blissfully unaware of the brand and knowing about it simply fills me with anger/sadness. Part of the reason I like the Middle East/India/the Baltics is that trendy vapidness is far less likely to consume and define people. Damn, what a horrible age to live in.
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