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Default Re: Broken Hookah Broken Leg

sorry to use a bad pun but tough break man, lol kidding, but seriously
1. i hope your leg gets better soon
2. that really sucks abt your KM, your drunk friends should buy you a new one for causing you to wreck yours lol
and 3. i hope your friend that decided to drive made it home ok w/o getting a DUI or anything,
on top of that i kinda have a hookah injury story but it wasnt me, a friend of mine almost had a hot coal go down her shirt, she was sitting on the floor next to the table we were smoking at, there was a cat in my lap and as i handed her the hose, the cat decided to jump down, as it did it caught the hose pulling the hookah over sending the coal flying twards her, luckily the coal missed and hit the floor, but not thinking, she reached for the coal before i could get it w/the tongs and burnt her finger and thumb
but again, i hope your leg heals soon
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